AC 2011 - 07.-08. September, darmstadtium (Darmstadt)

Programmflyer AC 2011 (pdf)

Greetings Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Buller (Senior Vice President Research Planning, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft)

"Adaptronics, an active structural technology that is applicable across all branches of industry, opens up completely new possibilities for the development of innova-tive products. The basis for this is smart material system that incorporate sensor and actuator functions into components. If these functions are used for appropria-te control technology purposes, the mechanical properties of the component may be changed in a targeted manner.

This way structures and products can adapt to changing operating and surroun-ding requirements. Vibrations, noise, deformations can be actively controlled; energy can be recovered from vibrating mechanical systems; structures can be monitored and influenced.

Finally, this will allow for a new design of mechanical systems, the use of new lightweight potential, for the improved performance of technical products and for expanded product profiles.

Fraunhofer has been working on the development and application of adaptronics for over 10 years now with increasing commitment. We are convinced that this technology is of central importance for the implementation of competitive pro-ducts. This is necessary in order to meet the increasing and changing demands on modern products, the simultaneously shortened development times and increased pressure with regard to development flexibility.Cooperation between different technical disciplines and experts from science and industry is essential for the success of adaptronics. For Fraunhofer, a leading appli-cation-oriented research establishment , this interaction is self-evident.

We welcome this year’s Adaptronic  Congress all the more since it emphasizes this very dialog between research and development and commercial application."

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